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Yo WhatsApp Apk Download 2023 is an extended version of normal WhatsApp. The features involved in this are not as normal as the official WhatsApp application. The extra features it adds make it look more attractive and very good for the users to use such kinds of applications. The information about this is fully provided in this article just go through it and enjoy using this application for your good usage. Share it with your friends and families about this so that they will also get to know what this app really can do.

How Can I Get The YoWhatsapp Apk?

Yo WhatsApp is available on its official site and also you will be getting this by clicking on the link below that we have provided. So you can just see how your comfort is and then you can move on with the idea of implementing this.

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What Is YoWhatsapp?

Actually, everyone will be using the official WhatsApp application for chatting and calling facilities. This application is also the same but with more essential features so this application is very much loved by most people. The Same features are now advanced in the form of greater achievements and the developers have been updating this application day to day to provide the best out of everything.

This WhatsApp application is not the same as other mod apps. This is actually WhatsApp which has more potential than any other messaging app. The user registration and the security that it provides are more advanced and private. The private sector of this app is very much impressive and developed. Normal WhatsApp will not have the chance to change the theme of it but in this, you will be able to change the theme and get your favorite image across the application.

This WhatsApp is becoming more famous day by day. Because the number of users who are increasing at a rate that no one can imagine is a big turning point for this app. Updates which are seen on this site are very much useful for people. There are almost 6 billion users of this application at present and this is increasing day to day.

But this app is not available in the Play Store because this app is not registered with the government-aided policy but this app has its official site and you can download it from there easily. All the versions of this app are completely available on its site. You can just download your desired version and then you can just have it on your device.

Why do Whatsapp?

This question is very relevant to all the users because if you at any point question yourself before downloading this app. This answer will definitely be useful for you. Yo WhatsApp offers you a large number of features and satisfaction factors. So this is not at all comparable to normal WhatsApp. Because the features are the service it holds is not normal and silly. It contains all the features which are very useful for people and users. This is just an alternative to the WhatsApp app. If you still want to use the official old WhatsApp it’s your choice.

WhatsApp can be used for calling and video calling. This feature is normally seen in all the apps which are for chatting. So there are pros and also cons to this. normal WhatsApp has the ability to send only 25 images at one time. But this yo WhatsApp latest version will give you the option to send more than 100s photos at once. This is a very good move to attract their users. Customizing the background and other theme features is now living in this application.

So here are the features of yo WhatsApp’s latest version which is a very good tool for users to chat with their friends and families. Below mentioned features are most of my knowledge you can visit its site to get a proper and full prescription about this app.

Latest Features Of Yo WhatsApp


Customization of your Home Screen and chat screen is normally done. This feature is very much different when compared to normal WhatsApp. So go through all the features you will get to know about the customization and other variety of features.

Themes Store

The themes stored are available in this yo WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp is not a normal app you should know this because the themes you will get are in number and you can select any one of those and then apply it to your Home Screen and chat screen.

Customize the home screen and the conversation screen

The home screen and chat screen are the ones that should look attractive to the users and also the viewers normally. You can customize all those with the option in the theme store or you can customize it on your own if you have the talent of doing that. But it is easy and normal to do this anyone any do and achieve this.

Change Launcher Icons

Launcher icons of this yo WhatsApp you will get many of those inside the settings option. Different colors and icons will be available you can select any one and apply it as your yo WhatsApp icon.


You will be getting all the languages of your choice because you will have access to set the language of yo WhatsApp with many different languages with which you are comfortable.

Closing of the Conversation Screen

Swiping left on your screen you will be able to close the conversation screen without having to press the home button on your device.

Conversation Cards

Conversation cards are the ones that will be available inside yo WhatsApp. Android 5 and above will be having this feature. You can set it and enjoy it for further usage.

Enable or disable the message counter from the launcher or home screen

Sometimes many notifications are top on the screen through this feature we can able to enable or disable the message counter from the launcher or the home screen.

Without popping up your notifications on the screen of your device you will be seeing it in the drop-down menu. This can be disabled and enabled easily by turning the option on or off in your settings section.

Disable audio playing notification in the status bar

You can also disable the online audio playing notification inside this yo WhatsApp. This is a great feature that people would love to turn on and use it.

Contact online user

You can customize the online pop-up option for the users who are online and then chat with them. This can be done and Seen without going to WhatsApp.

Modification of the text size of the home screen

Text size can be set for each and every chat. This feature is not available in the normal WhatsApp setting the size of the font and color customization are also available in the settings field.

Set your name on the app home screen

Naming your Home Screen with your name will look incredible normally. So you can set it in the settings option on top of your screen you can set it usually.

Hide the chat divider

Chat divider can be hidden normally. The option you will be getting is in the settings option. You will be finding different settings on one of them is this option.

Set custom wallpaper per contact

Inside the chat screen of every contact, you can change the wallpaper easily and set a different wallpaper for every chat of your contacts. This will be available in the setting option of yo WhatsApp.

Hide the date and time option

Hiding date and time comes under the hiding of last seen usually. In WhatsApp, you can enable it separately and easily by turning the option on WhatsApp.

Hiding the contact profile picture

Hiding a contact profile picture is another feature that WhatsApp usually has. So you can hide your profile picture easily by making the setting inside WhatsApp.

Hide the contact’s name and the call button

Yo WhatsApp gives you a feature that you can enable in the setting of this app.

When you call someone by miss it gives you the option to avoid these types of things normally.

Sending the large-size video

As you know that you cannot send large media files to your contact members because it is the restriction that normal WhatsApp has. So now in this yo WhatsApp you will get the chance to send each and every file which is large or small you can send it easily without any restrictions and any other thing. 700 MB huge file can be sent in yo WhatsApp whereas you cannot send it in normal WhatsApp.

Sending the full-resolution images

Fully original and full-resolution images are also possible through this WhatsApp. This yo WhatsApp has the capacity to send the original kind of images to the receiver easily without compressing the image for the most.  This feature when compared to official WhatsApp this feature is very good in this application rather than in normal WhatsApp.

Send more than 10 images at one time

Sending more than 10 images at once is also possible in this WhatsApp application. Downloading the latest version we can do this easily.

Built-In the locker

Locker in the sense that this application has the security concepts like having the app lock for this application. To access your WhatsApp Home Screen you need to open the lock and then use it. It is a very good and fine feature. It may be a pattern, pin, or any password of your choice.

Privacy feature of the Yo WhatsApp

It is not possible to give complete privacy to the accounts. But it gives the best for our account safety and related purposes.

Privacy settings are good and fine now. The probability of security risk was high in WhatsApp normally. But after developing this yo WhatsApp app. The security has increased and the privacy settings which are there now will help us to keep our account safe and fine.

Who can call me?

Anyone can call you who has your WhatsApp number usually. Your contacts and many others who have your number. So you can also do the same with WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp contains a feature called blocking the numbers. We can block the numbers and we will not receive any calls from them later on.

Freeze the last seen

This feature or the option is the best. Because you can freeze the last seen for your account. It will show the date and time when you turned on this feature so it will be frozen at once.

Show blue Ticks after the Reply

Normally, whenever someone sees our message, they will get blue ticks for sending it. So this feature gets accessed so that you can easily turn it on this feature to enjoy an option like this where your contact will not see the blue ticks until you reply to his/her message.

Anti-delete status

The meaning of this is that you can even watch the status of the people who have uploaded their content to status and have deleted them suddenly. This feature will give you access to see their deleted status.

Hide the view status

Whenever you see the status of all the contacts that you have. If you need to view their content and you do not want them to see that you have seen their status. The privacy option is there in this application that you can see the turn off the view status or else turn on the hide view status option normally which is a great feature.

Download Yo WhatsApp Latest Version

App Name Yo WhatsApp
Supported with Android version 4.1 or Above
Version v9.63
App size 58 Mbps
Update Today
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v21.20.0

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Download v9.63

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Yo WhatsApp

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The Requirement to install the Yo WhatsApp Apk

  • Any device having Android 5 and so on.
  • Before downloading this yo WhatsApp application you should not have the official WhatsApp installed or logged in in that.
  • At least a 2g, 3G, or 4g connection is required.
  • Basic knowledge about the app and also the process that how to execute this kind of app and use these kinds of applications.
  • Selecting the best version and latest features filled version.

How to install YO WhatsApp New Version

The installation process just follows these steps to get downloaded on any device with ease.

  • Open your device browser it may be any one of your choices.
  • Then search for the keyword you WhatsApp’s latest version.
  • The keyword gets searched and gives you the best results.
  • You will get its official site.
  • Enter it and look for the best version or the latest version.
  • Selecting one of the versions you need to click on it to download the activity taking place.
  • Once your download gets over you need to install it.
  • The installation process is just some minutes away.
  • Go to the download folder and then click on it to install.
  • If any permissions are asked allow all the permissions and continue with the app.
  • After installation, you may use this app openly and widely.

Why Is Yo Whatsapp Apk Not Downloading?

This issue arises when any one of the below-mentioned problems occurs usually.

  • Excess of cache.
  • Lack of space/storage.
  • Old/outdated version.
  • Internet/ network issue.
  • Permission denied for this page.

The Installation Process of Yo WhatsApp for IOS users.

  • The process is easy and simple to follow.
  • Just open your browser and search for the WhatsApp keyword.
  • Then you will find the results coming out of your search.
  • Go to its site and then click on it and you will get the different versions of it.
  • Then you need to select any one version and click on it to get the download link.
  • After clicking on the download link you will get your app downloaded.
  • Go to your browser and then search for the downloaded app.
  • Click on it to install normally.
  • The same process is followed in Android devices also.


1. What is YO WhatsApp?

  • As mentioned earlier this is an extended version of the normal WhatsApp with advanced features and content inside it.

2. How do I update Yo WhatsApp?

  • Just visit this official site of WhatsApp. Then you will find every update and the latest version related to this. You can then you can download the new version easily by clicking on it.

3. Can we use YO WhatsApp And Normal WhatsApp with the same mobile number?

  • Yes of course we can use it. But at a time we cannot access both devices only one device we can get access to WhatsApp that’s it.

 4. Can I hide the online status in the YO WhatsApp?

  • This is a silly feature that this application holds. This feature is absolutely available in this app because it is one of the best privacy settings that we can find usually.

5. Is YO WhatsApp Safe to Install and Use?

  • Yes, it is a very good and safest application because it does not hold any pirated content or any illegal commands that run the app. So there is no word related which is not legal that comes opposite to it. So this app is safe to use and secured the most.


So finally this version of your WhatsApp is very good and useful for people who wish to use this application. The features this app resides are outstanding and great. As you know that social media is very much becoming popular nowadays. At present social media and at the top but in the future, it becomes more and more valuable and then these applications will be more valuable than now. So use this app and learn how to use it and share it with your family and friends for their better use.

Seamlessly you can experience one of the great applications. Take good knowledge from this article. This article will surely give you the best ideas about this application. Rarely people are not educated about this app. Be sure that those people should be educated with proper knowledge about this app to use. This is the best in business for now. Yo WhatsApp should be downloaded to each and every one of your devices. The benefits it gives you are the only reason that you should download this application for better use.